• INTERkrąż will visit the Bauma 2019 International Trade Fair in Munich

    From 8 to 14 April 2019, the prestigious international trade fair for construction and mining machinery and equipment will take place in the Bavarian capital. More than 3,400 exhibitors from different parts of the world will come to Munich presenting solutions related to the construction, mining and processing industries.
  • We improve the qualifications of our employees within the cyclical industry trainings.

    With our employees in mind, we have started a series of specialized internal training courses aimed for increasing their knowledge and professional skills in various technological, logistic, and IT areas used in our company.
  • Employees of INTERkrąż during stress management workshop

    There are only three things in life that are certain: taxes, duties, and stress. Fortunately, the latter can be easily coped with, and thus it is possible to significantly increase the comfort of your life. Knowledge of basic crisis management techniques is sufficient. In September, several dozens of INTERkrąż employees who took part in a training in Białka Tatrzańska had the opportunity to get to know them.
  • INTERkrąż at the Ugol Rossi & Mining trade fair

    In 5th-8th of June 2018 Novokuznetsk became the undisputed capital of the world mining industry. It was then that the Ugol Rossi & Mining fair took place in the centre of the Kuznetsk Coal Basin, which was an opportunity for the industry to meet and present innovations supporting the development of the sector. The event was also attended by representatives of the INTERkrąż brand, who presented high quality products dedicated to the mining industry.
  • INTERkrąż at the prestigious construction fair The Big 5 Heavy in Dubai

    For a few days in March 2018 we went to hot Dubai to take part in The Big 5 Heavy, the world's largest annual construction fair in this region of the world, and to present the latest product offer of the INTERkrąż brand to the customers from the Near East. More about this unique event with our participation below.